Grand Poobah – Peter B

Background:  Love the Flying Irish & love running!  The people, the routes, the post-run beer, the vibe and excitement and the acceptance of all.  I’ve run and or some call it “competed” at about every distance from the 100 meters (say-it-slow “Half Fast” Ultimate Runner) up to 100 milers.

Year Joined the Flying Irish: 2005

Favorite Flying Irish Route:  You know, that one with a downhill finish and no jay-walking.

Running Shoes: Generally, a light-weight neutral Brooks model but have run in most brands and just started in a pair of Hoka Cliftons.  That plus sometimes snow boots as it can depend on the variables of the day.

Running Highlights: Met my wife post-race!  That plus I love seeing walkers become runners, runners become marathoners etc.

Favorite Running Race:  I will race no more for ever but I am in training to watch the Boston Marathon in the spring when the saps run(maple syrup joke in New England).

Membership Director – Donna Drake-Husick

Background:  A friend invited me to run with the Flying Irish for the first time as inspiration for our Triathlon training. I had no idea what to expect. What I found was a group of some of the most amazing, friendly and supportive people who have now become some of my most beloved friends! Thursday is my favorite day of the week!

Year Joined the Flying Irish: 2014

Favorite Flying Irish Route:  The Hill Run. It’s very challenging and has a beautiful view of the city from the top of the cliff.

Running Shoes: Newton

Running Highlights: My first half marathon at the Priest Lake Spring Festival in May 2015. Prior to that event, I had never considered running any distance more than the 12K Bloomsday run. Once I joined the Flying Irish and running became more of a constant in my life, I was excited to discover I could run longer distances! I am now so proud that I am able to accomplish something that had previously seemed impossible for me! Since that first spring day in 2015  I have participated in several other half marathons including the Rock n Roll half in Phoenix Arizona, a favorite of mine! This year I am training for my next accomplishment; my first full marathon!

Favorite Running Race:  One of my favorite running races locally is the River Run. I love the cause and the location is beautiful! I have yet to run the race because I have enjoyed volunteering, but I plan to participate as a runner soon!

Treasurer – Grant Birch

Background:  I really don’t remember the year I joined flying Irish, I want to say 2010.  I was running prior to this and someone told me about the flying Irish group that meets on Thursdays down at OD’s.  It was off season, but I didn’t know that at the time.  There was maybe 15 runners and we were going to run around the park.  This went on for a couple of months and then season started and hundreds of people showed up.  I was blown away and have been hooked ever since!!

Year Joined the Flying Irish:   2010

Favorite Flying Irish Route:  My favorite route is Stair-master because it kicks my butt every time!!!

Running Highlights:Completing my first marathon.  It was a bucket list item and I was so proud that I completed it.  It took every ounce of determination but I did it.

Favorite Running Race:  I like Hood to Coast and Spokane to Sandpoint.  The team aspect.  The total fun that comes in the middle of the night when everyone is tired and loopy yet still cheering each other on.

Sponsor Liaison – Jim Palm

Background:  I moved to Spokane in 2012 and did not know a single person.  By pure serendipity, I heard about this running club – The Flying Irish, and decided to check it out.  Clearly, one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The amazing friendships and memories that have been formed will last forever.

Year Joined the Flying Irish:  2013

Favorite Flying Irish Route:  The 7-bridges route as it highlights the most iconic symbol of this great city, the Spokane River.

Running Shoes: Asics GT-2000

Running Highlights:  I am a native of Minnesota where winters can be brutally chilly.  I used to love those cold weather below zero runs where icicles form on your face and your eyelids freeze shut.  So much fun!

Favorite Running Race:  I absolutely love the Spokane to Sandpoi nt200 mile Relay Race – such great commaraderie with our team ‘Geezers and Dolls’.  But I think the race that is the most special is our annual Flying Irish Halloween Romp thru the streets of Spokane.  Hundresds of costumed crzaies taking over the city and then dancing the night away to the sounds of DJ Marathon.  Priceless!

Secretary – Robert Teal

Year Joined the Flying Irish: 2012

Favorite Flying Irish Route: 7 bridges

Running Shoes: I’ve got some big shoes to feel 🙂 Really though I’m not super particular. Loved running in my Adidas boost and just this last year trying my first pair of brooks. At the same time loving the comfort of Altra shoes and may work to handle the Zero drop shoes.

Running Highlights: : In middle school and high school i never really clicked with other sports, but seemed to like running. I wasn’t very good, and students thought i was crazy but regardless loved it. I stopped running till my friend told me about this running group. And caught my former running bug again. Since then my craze has grown to half marathons. Maybe one day i will go from half crazy to full 🙂

Favorite Running Race: Dirty Although i just about died during it and have only ran it once i would have to say the Windemere half, the views are amazing the whole route looking at the river and wildlife. Nothing like a beautiful view to keep you distracted.

Volunteer Coordinator – Lou Karl

Background: I started running in college as a way to quit smoking. I like to say that the stronger addiction won, although there were several years of fits and starts along the way. As the years went by I got to meet many amazing people through the vagabond lifestyle of running and racing. These days, I am content with just trying to stay up with my fellow Irish on Thursday evenings and competing for the old guy awards at a few local races.

Year Joined the Flying Irish: 2018. I actually started running with the Flying Irish when I moved here late in 2017, but the season was already over so those runs were unofficial

Favorite Flying Irish Route:  Any run that runs alongside of or crosses the awesome Spokane River in all its fury.

Running Shoes: I was a big advocate of Asics Gel Lytes and DS Trainers for years. Now with the need for more cushioning and stability I have gone to the Brooks Ravennas.

Running Highlights:  Completing my first marathon back in, wait for it, 1980. Running my first sub-3 hour marathon in Chicago, completing a marathon in all 50 states with the Maui Marathon back in 2008, and running the Windermere Marathon on a whim a few years ago which just happened to be my first visit to the amazing City of Spokane.

Favorite Running Race:  Boston Marathon. There are many great races, but there is nothing quite like the history, enthusiasm and honor of running the grand-daddy of them all.

Long-Term Member Representative – Naomi Erdman 

Background:  I have been running for over 20 years and love the excitement of it all. I am a proud mom of 2 and a grandmother twice over. I love being apart of a social running club like The Flying Irish because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people, get into shape, dress up fun, win swag and toast with great friends.

Year Joined the Flying Irish:  2006

Favorite Flying Irish Route:  Stair-Master, River Run, EWU Campus Run and Kendall Yards. Heck; I love them all.

Running Shoes: Yes please.

Running Highlights:  Running a half marathon and then move up to a full.

Favorite Running Race:  St. Paddy’s 5, Icebreaker Run and The Spokane River Run.

Newbie Representative – Sammy Hite

I’m excited to be a new board member this year

Year Joined the Flying Irish: 2018

Favorite Flying Irish Route: Gonzaga route

Running Shoes:

Running Highlights: Running my first marathon, retiring my first pair of shoes, and pushing my little one in a half marathon.

Favorite Running Race:  Spokane Marathon.

Local Endurance Club Representative – Aric Trantum – Beers & Blisters

Background: I ran Cross Country for one year at Mead high school for the great Pat Tyson. After taking about 20 off I started running again to train for Bloomsday 2012. I have continued running ever since.

Year Joined the Flying Irish: 2012
Favorite Flying Irish Route:The River Run
Running Shoes:  I wear a variety but my favorite now are Saucony Freedom ISO

Highlights:  Running in the USATF Cross Country Club nationals. It was my first team Cross Country race since high school and I got both my 5K and 10K PR’s.

Favorite race: Sundae Sunday 10 miler because it is the distance my running club (Beers & Blisters) trains for all year long.