Get 10% Off these races put on by Negative Split using discount code FLYINGIRISH

05/19/19: Windermere Full/Half Marathon

05/26/19: CDA Full/Half Marathon, 10K and 5K

06/16/19: Dad’s Day DashDiscount code IRISH4SNAP for 20% off

 8-16/17-2019 – S2S

This fun  is a big one 8-16/17-2019 Spokane to Sandpoint Relay

You get 5% off team registration for any Flying Irish affiliated team.  Code=FlyingIrish

An additional 5% goes back to our Flying Irish club.  Help us help you, and run to Sandpoint!

S2S is counting Flying Irish teams and kickin back 5% of the entry back to YOUR favorite club.  So you save 5%, the Irish get 5%, and we all win!  PLUS you will get to see and smell some of your best friends in a van for a day!