Flying Irish Ambassador Team

What is Flying Irish

Do you love the thrill of running with 300 of your Flying Irish brethren? Are you that runner that has so many running stories to share Runner’s World should hire you?  Do you like to share your experiences on social media and talk to people at events?

If this sounds like you, we should talk. We’re looking for some special people to help us spread the word about the Flying Irish Running Club, help out Flying Irish weekly runs and most importantly help us build a community around the Flying Irish who already know how much fun we are. Do you want to become part of our Ambassador team?

Here’s what we would need you to do:

-Attend at least 8 Flying Irish Thursday night runs this year where you help out the Board with pre and post run activities, cheering and engaging other Flying Irish members before, during and after the run and just being awesome.

-Attend as many as possible outreach events per year (i.e. expo, race volunteering). We’ve got some events in the works, so we would work with you to figure out where and when you could help us out. We’re also open to any ideas you might have about where we should be to get the word out.

-Represent the Flying Irish when you’re racing by wearing one of our tech shirts in at least one of your races this year (preferably all of them!)

-Be active on social media (wherever you already hangout – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your blog, etc) and talk about the Flying Irish when appropriate.

-Be an enthusiastic spokesperson for the Flying Irish, telling your friends, family, and even random strangers about your experiences at the Flying Irish why they should think about joining.

-Connect us to any potential sponsors that you have a relationship with.

And what will get for your effort?

-Our love, respect, and admiration.  Isn’t that all you need?

-And if that’s not enough, exclusive to only our ambassadors, a ridiculously cool looking Flying Irish Ambassador Shirt because we want you to be ridiculously good-looking and the talk of the running community

-Other amazing swag

-Internet fame – or at least your bio and social media profiles listed on our website

Are you ready to apply? Great! We’ve got a quick application for you to fill out that you find at the bottom of this page.  Submit that and we will get in contact with you soon!

Applications Are Due April 13, 2018

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