How do I join?

10270292_664634170275874_2619121955481861359_nIt’s our most common question besides “Are You Guys Really that Fun?” It’s as easy pie! Whatever that means. All you have to do is show up to one of our runs and fill out our membership application that is also our waiver. Pretty darn simple right? We like to keep things simple, as we are Irish after all. Plus, it’s free to join! Signing the membership application/waiver gets your name put into our super awesome database that allows us to track your runs each week. You only have to sign the waiver once per year. No we aren’t the government spying on you. It’s just our way of being able to keep track of how many awesome people show up to our run each week. Plus you earn the right to go through our ritualistic shirting ceremony after 6 runs.

We meet at Chateau Rive (621 W. Mallon Ave, Spokane, WA) unless otherwise indicated on our main page but that is very rare) every Thursday night at 5:45pm. Our official season goes from the first Thursday in March until Thanksgiving. Our Annual Meeting and End of the Season Party is the first Thursday in December.

How is my attendance recorded each week? Do I have to do anything when I go each week?

Fear not in having to keep track of your own number of runs. We do that for you with our super sophisticated counting method. We just can’t count past 20 before we start to lose track and past 10 it starts getting a bit smelly. The next run you attend after you fill out our membership application (waiver) you just have to look for your name on our weekly attendance sheets. Place a check in the appropriate box and your run is counted. It’s like we have a Leprechaun employed its so magical!


What’s this ritualistic shirting ceremony? Do I have to jump in a volcano or something?

Well fortunately there isn’t an active volcano within a few hundred miles of Spokane otherwise that may very well be an option. After 6 runs with the Flying Irish Running Club you earn the right to wear our Club shirt. It’s a long-sleeve technical fabric shirt. But, in order to do that you have to get up on top of the stage and tell an Irish joke. What can I say, we like to be entertained! If we approve of your joke (recommendation: go to about the 1,000th page of a Google search to find an original one) you can purchase the shirt and wear it with pride! The 6-run shirts are $15.


I really like my 6-run shirt but is there any other run milestone to work towards?

Hey, we need the motivation too so we introduced several other run milestones:

  • 33-Runs (100 miles) – The Flying Irish Running Club singlet. Need to keep cool during the summer months or look very fashionable showing off your runner’s upper body? This is the milestone to shoot for! Plus, it’s the only run milestone where you don’t have to go through a ritual! $30
  • 50-runs50-Runs – A green full-zip hoodie sweatshirt to help bear the cold during our winter runs.   The Irish are all about green and this is when you can earn it and make everyone else green with envy! Another trip on top of the stage and tell an Irish joke (different from your 6-run one), or recite an Irish limerick about the Flying Irish Running Club or sing an Irish song (of course it should be about the Flying Irish Running Club). $30
  • 100-Runs – Whoa, you’re getting up there and have been with the Club for a while now. Shouldn’t you now get a short-sleeved technical shirt? Well, yes of course! Of course it involves another trip onto the stage and you can do any of the things at 50-runs as long as its not what you did for that run milestone (we have good memory) but also you can make a simple toast to the Club. $20
  • 200-runs200-Runs – Okay, I think its safe to say you’re an addict. An addict to running that is! At this very prestigious milestone not only do you get a very special looking shirt (short-sleeved green) but also now earn the right to wear our Club’s Coat of Arms! Wear it with pride, as you are now a fully knighted member of the Flying Irish Running Club! Just have to get back up onto the stage (you should be used to this by now) and the world is yours! Note: we aren’t actually giving you the world, but certainly we think you should have the feeling like you do own it! $20

Any profits made from the sale of our Club shirts are used in our promotion of our Mission Statement.


Okay, I’m a member of this awesome running Club but what does that really mean? Do I have to attend meetings?

Ugh, we hate meetings. We just want to get out and run amongst our friends! We do have an all-members Annual Meeting once a year and that’s the first Thursday in December when we have our end of the season party. At that meeting we have the vote for Directors that are running for office and discussion of topics that may be of importance for the Flying Irish. But as a member of the Flying Irish Running Club you get a vote in how the Club is run. All of the rights and requirements of membership are outlined in the Club’s Bylaws which are provided in the link below.

Flying Irish Running Club Bylaws